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Yes, it's geeky to play The Sims 3. Yes, it's even geekier to go the extra mile and create elaborate stories and family timelines for said Sims. But I've made no bones about my "zero fucks" philosophy. For those of you who enjoy short stores, here is my current project! (Updated 1/31/2013 at 8:12pm.)

Introduction: the Zaex are a race of intergalactic travelers who quest to spread their genes among other intelligent creatures in order to improve the quality of their lives. This story follows Allzen Zaex and his offspring in their lives and adventures. The story is told in the form of short journal entries by each family member. 

Family Tree:

Journal Entries:

Entry #1 - Glann Zaex (Ancient Elder)
Handy, Bookworm, Good, Genius, Computer Whiz

As the patriarchal elder of this mission, I am honored and blessed to begin the chronology of our travels, and introduce the hero of the tale: my first and only son, Allzen. Allzen Zeax is not merely the innocent byproduct of his mother and I. When my wife grew heavy with him, we detected that he was selected by the fates to be blessed with a very powerful gift. Among our home people, I am known as a tinkerer - a brilliant, peaceful scientist.  My wife is known far and wide as the perfect mother - a kind, nurturing matron. It was this combination of seemingly unrelated traits that generated a new Traveler, our precious son. Knowing of his blessing, we gave, gave of ourselves so that the universe might see the birth of Allzen. Heritage and tradition are essential to our people, lest we leave our families and forget those who made us. He honors us so that we might bless him with our wisdom and skill. We raised him to an adult, and when he was ready, it was Allzen who quested to journey from our home planet to the elusive place known potentially as "earth,” so that he might begin a peaceful, loving settlement. Because you see, an elite few of our people, known as the Travelers, are forcibly drawn to all intelligent creatures of awful, desperate need. Allzen dreamed for years of the creatures known potentially as "humans."  It is our essential, molecular drive to spread peace, wisdom, knowledge, wealth and love. 

Entry #2 - Triania Zaex (Ancient Elder) 
Neat, Good, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Friendly
As the mother of our leader Allzen, I am honored to bless him whilst in his able care. I am also honored to guide him in his basic duty to multiply, so that he may spread the fibers of our race among these sad creatures. That is the purpose of his driving need to be on this planet, selected by the fates and communicated to him in his dreams. Allzen must multiply, and guide his children to do the same. In doing so – in spreading features of our molecular code among a different race of beings – he will improve the quality of their lives, as well as their contributions to the wellbeing of the galaxy overall. The first step, of course, is to find the prophetic "first." The woman, literally, of my son’s dreams. The first female of any race we settle among is a key component to the success of the elite Traveler.  She will be the "mother of all” in the eyes of the greater humans - the future humans who will share their genes with us. Allzen begins the hunt and is immediately discouraged.  He attempted a relationship with several women but to no avail. We make no pretenses about our other-worldly origins. Being the first Zaex on this planet, it was difficult to gain trust and find love. However, after weeks of searching, Allzen met Matilda Smart. It was immediately obvious to all that Matilda was destined for Allzen. She was the one. They were quickly married in the traditional private ceremony of our people. Thus our story officially begins. 

Entry #3 - Allzen Zaex (Father of All)
Great Kisser, Bookworm, Family Oriented, Friendly, Computer Whiz
Now that I have a human wife, who is both needed for the mission and loved by my heart, it is time to move out of this bleak shack and build a suitable compound for my future offspring, the greater humans. Matilda is a beautiful artist. Her kindness will be essential in the construction of our home and the raising of our children. The initial construction of the compound was very trying. Funds were very low. We were only able to build slowly, as funds slowly came in. It is essential that the compound be sufficient, so that our children and our children’s children have a proper home in which to learn, grow, and spread their wealth. Their lives will be far improved from the lives of pure humans. While we were still in construction, Matilda became pregnant with our first child – or so we thought. We were blessed with twins: a son, Ankh, and a daughter, Leia. As is the tradition among my people, travelers must conceive all subsequent children the day immediately following the birth of the previous child. The healing power of our DNA significantly eases the burden of birth among all creatures. Females generally require mere hours of healing time. It is expected that Travelers bear at least five children – and at least one Zaex-oriented male, to assume the role as head of the family when the Traveler (me) passes. Our next child was a son, Frodo, who thankfully fit this requirement. 

Entry #4 – Matilda Zaex (Mother of All)
Over-emotional, Party Animal, Artistic, Light Sleeper, Friendly
It is not Matilda’s turn to tell her story.

Entry #5 – Ankh Zaex
Loves the Outdoors, Athletic,
It is not Ankh’s turn to tell his story.

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