Thursday, January 17, 2013

Polar bears, cockroaches, law school and landlords

Today on campus, I ran into an old friend. Or at least I thought I did. I'll let cute polar bear sum it up for me.
Anyone else have this problem? I suppose with so many humans on the earth, there are only so many possible combinations of hair, height, and facial features. I swear these girls were twins separated at birth. 

In other news, I had kind of an interesting morning, and it prompted me to write a letter to my landlord today. It went something like this:

Dear landlords who decided to show our house to prospective fall tenants this afternoon without INFORMING US BEFOREHAND, and therefore catching me in my bathrobe at a COMPLETELY terrible time, 
The reason why I haven't renewed my lease is because I DO NOT KNOW where I am going to be living next year. I'm not being lazy, I DON'T KNOW. See, there's this little thing called getting ACCEPTED INTO LAW SCHOOL which unfortunately has not happened for me yet. When you began harassing me in like freaking NOVEMBER to renew my lease, I hadn't even APPLIED yet. How in the world can I renew my lease if I don't know which AREA CODE I will be residing in? If, however, I find myself in the city of [---] next year, YES, I WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE LIVING IN MY HOUSE. No, I would not like to uproot my entire life for the FOURTH consecutive year because YOU POWER-SOLD our house in JANUARY. Yes, I'm aware it's within your right to show the house if we haven't put a deposit on it. BUT SERIOUSLY, this is the second time in five days, you could CHILL OUT, but I'm sure you won't. So thank you for placing a ridiculously unnecessary amount of ridiculously unnecessary pressure on me. Because I definitely need to be freaking out about having no place to live, when I'm ALREADY freaking out about things like... classes... and LAW SCHOOL. 
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, [Mikal]
I was so mad. Still am. I'm obviously not really going to send this letter, but, it got some interesting feedback from my Facebook friends. I think the general consensus at this point is that we're going to start strategically leaving our bras in very blatant places, so we're making the environment uncomfortable without making it hazardous, and therefore discouraging people from wanting to make a deposit. Also, placing dead cockroaches in the middle of the living room floor so they know about the bug problem.
I can't wait for you to move in. We are going to have SO much fun together.
All in all, there's my stress of the moment. Which, in the long run, is probably not too bad, but it sure is putting me into fits. Haven't eaten all day. I just want this process to be over with... I'm tired of feeling like my life is hanging in the balance of this cosmic force known as LSAC. I don't like not having a plan, not knowing the future... it's hard on me. Being a lawyer someday had BETTER be worth it. 

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