Friday, January 18, 2013

Random song you've maybe never heard #2

Yesterday, in my landlord-provoked fury, I expressed an interest to use dead cockroaches in order to prevent people from stealing my house. I should probably explain why this is such a huge indication of my frustration.

I HATE COCKROACHES. Literally, I sometimes have dreams about them. They make me vomit. I'm not just petrified of them, I despise them. They serve absolutely no purpose on this earth other than to torture me. They don't eat waste. They're household infestations incarnate. In their food chain, they are neither a significant predator NOR a significant food source for ANY other creature. That means that if they were to disappear completely, NO OTHER CREATURE WOULD SUFFER IN ANY WAY.

I hate cockroaches.

So, for today's random song you've maybe never heard, I decided to share a staple of my childhood.

The image displayed in the video actually changes near the end, if you're still listening by the end of the song. For more information on "Bananas at Large," the artist of the song, visit their website here. Enjoy!

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